9 x 0.5 l Clip-lock bottle
Base price 3.98 € per 1 litre (1)

The traditional festive beer for the traditional Ipfmess Fair in Bopfingen, in the quaint clip-lock bottle. Specially brewed with malt from Härtsfeld and hops from Spalt, for your particular enjoyment during the festive days around the Bopfinger Ipf.

Bopfinger Ipfmess Beer is full of character and eminently drinkable, honouring the longstanding brewing tradition of both the House of Wallerstein and the historic Ipfmess Fair itself. It is characterised by an original gravity of 13.5% and a slightly higher alcohol content. The colour is a golden yellow, the foam finely pored. Such drinkable and harmonious beer enjoyment is an invitation to linger.

Festive beer with an original gravity of 13.6% and 5.6 vol. alcohol content %. Very mouth-filling, amber-coloured and a slightly malty flavour. Pleasantly bitter aftertaste.

Zutaten: Wasser, Gerstenmalz, Hopfen

alc. by vol. 2.7%, orig. gravity 13.6%

Seasonal beer: Available June until July!

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