Tradition. Innovation.

Wallerstein brewing was first documented in the year 1598. For us, this tradition is clearly an obligation – and nobody in the brewery is resting on these laurels. Just the opposite: tradition can only be maintained through sustainable innovation. In times in which products are becoming ever more exchangeable, a centuries-old brand must remain topical.


We use only the very best ingredients for our beers. Carefully selected aromatic hops from the direct surrounding area, malt from the region, water from the Ries area – and fermentation in our own rock cellars. All this makes Fürst Wallerstein beers so digestible – a taste of lifestyle in the best sense.
Our suppliers are from the region, and we know them…


The brewing kettle and the wort kettle are the components with which our Master Brewer conjures up his creations. He lays down how much hops, which aroma and how much original wort his composition should contain. His ability, coupled with much experience and finesse, go into creating the taste experience offered by the brew, for which the princely beers are renowned far and wide.


Brewing is a handicraft. It can be systemised, it can be industrialised, it can be standardised – and the product hyped up to a homogenised taste experience for mass consumption. This is not our approach.
Brewing is an art. For centuries, we have brewed our beers at the same place, using ancient family recipes. We naturally only use the best hops and malt from our region. And we understand our craft as an art form – to create unique brews. Art that one can taste – drop by drop.
Our beers are brewed with three ingredients and love.


Fermentation is a process, not a production parameter that one can influence at random or in response to commercial pressures. We give our beer the time it needs to become a real indulgence.