Conscious Enjoyment

Enjoyment is not so much a case of financial means as of one’s attitude to life – a positive sense of perception that always goes hand in hand with wellbeing. The term is most often used in connection with eating and drinking. With all our actions – and not least with our drinks – we want to enhance enjoyment as perceived by Epicurus, the reputed originator of the philosophy of enjoyment whose objective was a “life of enjoyment”. A case of “less is more”…


Our aim is for the Wallerstein brand to be style-forming in the sense of “conscious enjoyment”. The best products, cleanly and fairly traded, soundly and sustainably produced. We would like to share the pleasure of creating our products with our customers – because the same applies to both pleasure and enjoyment: sharing doubles the effect.


Serving oneself a well-earned drink, leisure time, success or just the pleasure of existence – but also swilling away troubles – means always finding the right measure, because excesses are the opposite of a positive attitude to life. Whether solitary drinking or sharing with friends, we want Fürst Wallerstein beers to give pleasure – and to make the world a little bit more worth living in.

Geniessen Sie die Zeit hier und jetzt. Feiern Sie die Feste wie sie fallen. Zelebrieren Sie den Moment. Es sind die kurzen, scheinbar alltäglichen Augenblicke, die unser Leben prägen. Machen Sie diese zum Erlebnis. Einen Grund zum Feiern findet sich immer. Also, machen Sie ein Bier auf, die Augen zu und halten Sie kurz inne. So einfach, so wohltuend. Prost!